Paradigm Shift

I’ve been an amateur photographer since my dad gave me his camera when I was in my early 20s. The camera was older than me. I still have it. Sadly, its various mechanical parts have failed over time. I’d need to invest in fixing it to use the camera again.

Last October, I became determined to drag myself out of amateur status someday. I started taking photos. Lots of them. I used my other blog, paragraphically, as a way to push myself take new pictures every day. It’s the only way I’ll get better.

Since starting this blog, and starting other ventures, I’ve had less time for photography. The one solid thing I have learned over the past six months is that good photography takes time. I can’t just go out and start snapping brilliant photos. Someday maybe…

I’ve decided to merge paragraphically with toast. It’s a way for me to make time for all of the skills I want to learn and improve. I’m going to mix photos in with other types of blog posts during the week.

Today, I ventured into the spring rain to hunt for tree stumps. It’s the time of year when people trim branches and take down entire trees. There is something beautiful and sad about fresh tree stumps.


I’ve Been Derelict!

Gosh! Is it really 3 am on April 25th? Excuse me, April 26!? Okay, I’ve been derelict. I admit it. I was so good at posting for a long time, and in the past couple of days, it’s gotten away from me. In my defense, I’m working on something awesome. I’ll share as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Antje’s workspace. Well, up until about a week ago when I rearranged yet again.

Thankfully, Antje’s used to it by now. I get spastic when I can’t move things around. This past winter, I actually took the arms off of our couch so I could move it into the kitchen. That was a project. The couch is about 10 years old and from Ikea. It’s held up really well. (And I’m hard on furniture, in case you couldn’t tell.) I’ve heard criticism of Ikea furniture over the years, but everything I’ve gotten from there has lasted quite well. Maybe I should try to be a tester for them. I doubt any of their machines could do what I can. Hmmm….

Measure Twice … Aw, Forget It!

I’m not the measuring kind. I want to be, but it just doesn’t come out. I work best when I got with what “looks right.”

This doesn’t always work, of course. The numerous spackled holes in the walls show that. But, I’m more likely to hit the right note when I stay away from rulers and measuring tape. For some reason, when I get into the details of inches and centimeters, things get wonky.

It’s like trying to budget. The numbers never add up correctly. And yet, I manage to pay for everything. If you ask my budgeting program, I should have been living out of a cardboard box months ago. This is why I rarely ask that piece of software anything.

I have many rulers, measuring tapes, stud finders, a level with measurements on it. I enjoy looking at all of them. And I do use them for things. It’s just that I don’t like to overtax them or me by getting numbers involved.

I go with my gut, and redo projects when I have to. Anyone else have this problem?

Tragedy in the Foyer!

GREENWICH, CT – Tragedy struck in this quiet town on Sunday as three prominent local wives were buried under a freak totebag avalanche.

“It’s spring, and we expect this kind of thing to happen in the fall. We were completely taken by surprise,” said Detective Jim Mitchell of the Greenwich Police Department. Officers quickly responded to the property of Mr. and Mrs. John Allen after a maid called 911. Once police removed the bags, the women were identified as Mrs. Alexandra Allen, Mrs. Olivia Kolb, and Mrs. Lauren Hughes, all of Greenwich.

Each woman continued to sit properly, with knees together, throughout the twelve-minute ordeal. They were much revived after strong cups of tea served in the garden room. “She’s such a trooper,” Darren Kolb said of his wife when reached by telephone at the seventh hole of the 18-hole Greenwich Country Club golf course. “I just know she’ll be back on her feet and shopping for more totebags tomorrow.”


I’m sure the Carolina Herrera design department had a fantastic reason for the bag avalanche. At least, if women are going to be smothered to death by handbags, they can look good doing it. There, that’s the reason.

Sigh. I still don’t get it. Do you?

Making Stuff

This is a good, solid cutting mat.

Antje uses it to cut fabric. I use it to cut paper. It also makes a great smooth surface for catching bits of wood when I’m sanding. I’m doing that tonight while working on a new product for the etsy shop. Unveiling in a few days!

It’s Friday, I’m in Lust: Panda!

Last month, a generous friend gave me a whole stack of fashion magazines. I’ve been through them 8 or 9 times since then, looking for the beautiful and the mock-worthy. The pile is migrating around the apartment. The Harper’s Bazaar with this cover has been on top the entire time:

It’s mesmerizing. I find my eyes wandering to it. Wherever this magazine sits, the cover fits in with the surroundings. There’s something about the soft profusion of color and the start contrast of black and white.

Plus, a panda. How can I not love a panda?

Photoshop Attempt: Honey Part II

I added 3 layers to the honey from last Thursday. I also added and deleted many more layers. I tried varying layer styles and interactions. I changed the layer order, the sizing of each layer and the coloring. A lot of messing around to come up with this.

I’ll keep working on it. I may start over. Sometimes, the layers are doing their own thing and it helps to start fresh.